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Dear Village President Klatecki & trustees,

S.P.A.C.E. is requesting that you put Friendship Park on hold because of violations of procedure, and common courtesy.

The Wheeling Park District was a partner in the project and they were NOT consulted on the new plan.

The public which pays you to make decisions based on their input was not invited to a "special event" to review the new plan.

We believe that $100,000 - $250,00 could be saved by competitive bidding.

A permit was improperly issued, because the required tree preservation fences were not put up to protect the trees on the northern edge of the "park".

We demand that you stop all work on this project until all of the above procedures are properly followed.

No one will suffer if the project is delayed by the 90 days it will take to re-start this project properly, and Wheeling has $100,000 - $250,000 to gain when we get competitive bids.


Mary Mozal, President

Gary Cohn, Director

Gary Hittleman, Director


Save Precious Acreage for our Children & Community to Enjoy